What is Ammunition?

Ammunition (n):

  1. The material that explosively propels from a firearm.
  2. Supply or quantity of cartridges and/or shells.
  3. Notes:
    • A single unit of ammunition can be called a cartridge, shell, or round.
      • It is NOT called a bullet.
      • The bullet is only one component of a round of ammunition.
    • Can come as fixed ammunition or separate-loading ammunition.
      • Fixed-ammunition (n):
        • A cartridge in which the casing and the projectile are permanently attached to each other, as opposed to separate-loading ammunition.
      • Separate-loading ammunition (n):
        • Ammunition in which the projectile, the primer, and the propellant are loaded separately instead of as a preassembled cartridge.
    • The ammunition must match the firearm’s caliber.
      • Your firearm’s caliber is determined by the diameter of the barrel of the gun. It is important to understand and to choose the correct ammunition for your firearm. The failure to do so could result in serious bodily injury or damage to your firearm.
      • Just because a cartridge fits into your firearm does not mean it is safe to shoot.