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As we’ve learned, or have been learning, disaster can strike at any moment. Furthermore, we’re constantly facing small, everyday emergencies that might not even affect the next person. For instance, the heel of your shoe breaks, you get lost while hiking, or your vehicle breaks down leaving you stranded for hours. However, when you’re prepared for the unexpected, and when you have the get home bag contents, it makes the unexpected expected, therefore, you have more confidence to face the world.

A Get Home Bag, which can also be considered a Bug Out Bag kit, is a key concept in preparedness, and building a proper kit for yourself is one of the first steps toward being prepared to protect you and your family during a crisis. The get home contents are not meant solely for self-defense. The get home bag, or bug out bag kit, essentials that you choose are meant to make your everyday life easier and to help you be prepared for as many situations as is practical for situations that are practical for your daily routines and activities.

A person’s bug out bag kit or get home essentials are important for safety and utility. Some items may simply be a matter of comfort, but other items could be a matter of life or death. If you’re a woman, you probably already carry some of these go-to-items. For example, if you have children, you’re usually expected to have endless snacks, Band-aids for boo-boos, and entertainment to cure restlessness.

The entire premise of having a get home bag or a bug out bag kit is to carry what you need for survival during major and minor emergencies. Think about what you want to be prepared for, and also think about what you need to be prepared for. Then, choose your essentials intentionally. Know how they’re used. Know how to integrate them into your life. During this discussion, we’ll go over creating your kit that fits your daily adventures.

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