Prepper Pantry

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A pantry is generally a storage area in, or very near, the kitchen. It’s typically an area used for storing ingredients, such as dried goods, canned foods, and jarred foods. It can also be used to store cooking supplies. A prepper pantry is essentially a pantry that you customize, and that you fill with foods that fit your’s, and your family’s, needs and diets.

A Prepper Pantry is often referred to as a working pantry, or as a rotating pantry, and it usually houses more than a common pantry, or kitchen cupboards would. It’s always well-stocked, and ready to be shopped like a small store in your home. This Course is intended as an introduction to the concepts of stocking your pantry, so that you have what you need when you need it.

This Prepper Pantry course includes sections on building your food storage, repackaging your food, storing your food, and the F-I-F-O method. We’ll also discuss topics regarding what foods to store. Afterwards, consider enhancing your skills and boosting your confidence even further by signing up to one of our more advanced classes.

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